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“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

—Oscar Wilde

Our Products


Our Products

Glow Up

1. Glow Up

Drink Personality: Your Beauty Bestie

Functional Benefits:
  • Giving your skin a hydration hug
  • Putting wrinkles on a permanent vacation
  • Turning back the elasticity clock
  • Boosting your collagen's confidence
  • Maximizing beauty with 30 calories and 5g of sugar
Glow Up
Happy Head

2. Happy Head

Drink Personality: Your Mind’s Soulmate

Functional Benefits:
  • Showing stress the door
  • Brightening up the blues
  • Giving relaxation the love it deserves
  • Making bigger brain waves
  • Delighting your day in 35 calories and 5g of sugar
Happy Head

3. B.D.E

Drink Personality: Your Energetic Sidekick

Functional Benefits:
  • Starting your own personal pep rally
  • Feeling more ahhh's and less zzz's
  • Having more thoughts that count
  • Loving life to the fullest
  • Rise up while only drinking down 35 calories and 5g of sugar

Liquid DNA

Each and every 3 LOVES product is uniquely designed with premium ingredients to give your body real benefits and an optimal sipping experience, every time. 


A special blend of adaptogens is customized in every bottle to work with your body. These all-natural herbs that have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions and are still widely praised today.


In Translation: More Wonder, Less Worry

Hyaluronic Acid

In Translation: Your Beauty Bestie


In Translation: An Epic Burst Of Life
Gluten Free
Sustainably Sourced

Choose Love

Feel Love

Spread Love

Our Story

Oscar Wilde once said, “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” In other words, the journey to true love is never done. And that’s what 3 LOVES is all about. We are a beverage and  wellness brand anchored in unlocking that universal superpower called love, and helping everyone around the world tap into it continuously and intentionally to fill their lives with purpose and joy. 

It’s a journey that starts from within. And when you drink 3 LOVES beverages, you are nourishing your body with the highest quality ingredients and adaptogens designed to fill you with the self-love you deserve. 

Our Team

3 LOVES was founded in Spring 2020 by Xhesika Berberi (Pronunciation: Jessica). 

Xhesika has built her life around the practices of gratitude, affirmations, and setting intentions. As a former Miss Albania and model, she quickly learned the importance of treating her body, her mind, and her heart with love. Xhesika launched her first business venture: 3 LOVES – a whole, elegant beverage line for people seeking health/wellness and beauty from the inside and out.  

She is on a continuous journey to reach her ultimate state of happiness through love. And it is these shared values that she, and the rest of her growing team, want to spread to the world so that together we can tap into the universal superpower that is love: loving yourself, loving others, loving your planet. 

Are you a Lover? Want to join our team?

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Xhesika Berberi
Founder, CEO

“Loving yourself is the foundation of happiness.”

Pavllo Zengo
VP of Marketing

“Love to listen, listen to love.”

House of Love

Welcome to our lovely home. Find a seat, get comfortable and take a peek behind the curtains.